Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Check these out......

I just wanted to share with you some great products I have just bought from Sam at Old Favourites.
Arent they awesome. You can check them out here!
Also as promised ages ago here are some of my mums new flower designs. You now get 10 pieces in a pack.You choose the two colors you want and mum will make them. Heres a sample (minus a few as I used them LOL!)
You get 2 large singles, 2 doubles (one of each chosedn color) , 2 multi colored flowers, two double colored circles and 2 funky flowers.

You will notice when you get your funky flowers we have left the cut off tie long. This is just because the can come untied to easy if you cut it off short. I have just been tucking it under my button when I adhere it to my page.So once again you can order themhere or email me at

Also the last layouts I showed you for the bliss kits are already sold out so I have created this one as a kit.
Dont you just the looks on their faces!!! Charlie is such a character! She always pulls faces at the camera and this photo is such a typical photo of her! Mind you the same day she also posed beautifully for the camera! A definate poser and show pony!!! And Will's face is priceless!!!


amanda73 said...

wow, love that layout, love the stuff you bought, and love those flowers, i will definitely have to order some

WendyMac said...

Hi Ebony,
Just wanted to say how much I love your work. Everytime I pick up a magazine for inspiration I am drawn to your LO's without even looking for your name!! Your work has inspired me to be my own creative self and my confidence and skills are growing with each LO. I was fortunate to aquire the 24/7 kit from Bliss which is on it's way home tonight!! My daughter is studying at Deaking this year (very handy)! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me and other scrapbookers. Thanks Wendy McLaren xo

WendyMac said...

Hi again!!
Just got my kit - can't wait to start it - maybe on the weekend - one more day of school first!!
thanks again,

mel said...

love your LO Eb, cute faces!!!
Just discovered Old Favourites from Shell over at CH - loving it!!! (bank account isn't!!)