Monday, August 30, 2010


Just thought I would pop in and share what I created for Maya'sroom yesterday!! With the help of Maya punching out the butterflies  and my father in law helping to make he frame , this is what we made....
Sorry its not the best picture but you get the idea! I once saw a mobile like this in an expensive bedding shopand thought I could makemy own. It looks much better IRL! It was great because Maya could help to make it because she loves using my punches. Now Will wants a star one!!!

Speaking of Will...he had a dressup day today at school for book week and he dressed up as the dingle dangle scarecrow. How adorable does he look!!!
On the scrappy front I just got back from a visit to melbourne where I went to paperific.I spent way too much but had a ball. A HUGE thanks to Lisa Marsh for taking such good care of us and PAULA for letting us stay with her and her pets!!! I finally got to see her Studio (PAULA"S SCRAPBOOKING PLACE).
And to Lisa , Vikki, Tan and Jen thanks for an awesome evening and seriously Vikki you are the best storyteller I have ever met!! I would pay to watch a Lisa and Vikki show!!!Seriously these women are amongst some of the funniest, generous and gorgeous people I have ever met. I just wished we lived
closer!!!I laughed so hard all day and night!!!
I also after 2 years got to meet Stacey and Angela from Scrapapple... though they had no idea who I was when I tapped them on the shoulder!!And I met Mel Pizzinga and Jas (sorry Jas I have forgotten your last name!!!Its so nice to finally meet some awesome chicks that I talk to in Cyber space!
I have been creating but can only sharethis one for the moment. Yep, its another Indie Girl layout.I love this photo of Steve and Maya.

And just a close up
Well Ive bored you for long enough. Will back soon with some more to share I hope!!! thanks for popping by, Eb xx

OOPS! Forgot to remind you........STORYBOARD kits go on sale tomorrow at 9 am!!! Dont miss out...its my fav kit so far! You will love it!


amanda73 said...

oh wow, love that mobile...and will is a veey cute scarecrow, it really suits him
love that layout too said...

what a very creative day at your place....TFS, and was a pleasure having you PLEASE come back soon, and say a big thanks to steve, will and maya for letting me have you for the weekend xxxx

mel said...

It was such a pleasure to finally meet you!! and Vikkis stories came home with me and I enlightened Anth - he has booked a trip!!!
Love the Butterfly mobile - guess what I have to make for my princess sitting here "reading" my blog list......

Trudi said...

Oh Eb, I just adore your butterflies - they are gorgeous - I can see why Mia loves them so much

Love, LOVE the layout and your little man looks so very cute

I also managed to make it to Paperific over the weekend but I took little people with me which mental note for next time - you should NEVER, NEVER do LOL!!

Penny said...

Ooooo Eb - love the new banner!!! much more YOU I reckon.
Beautiful idea for a mobile.
We had book week today too - such a fun day on the school calendar! Love your little scarecrow man.