Friday, February 27, 2009


While sitting here scrapping I remembered that I hadn't posted the retreat dates for Paula's Scrapbooking place. I LOVE goingto theses retreats! You meet somany wonderful people that you remain in contact with and learn some great also have great food, accomodation and lots of laughs! So if you are interested contact Paula , or visit her website for further details.
Here are this years dates (unsure if March dates are booked up )
13-15 March
5-7 June (long weekend)
28-30 August
13-15 November

I have decided to attend the one in June and in November. I will beteaching classes at these retreats if you are interested. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More to share.....

Hi again, just thought I would pop back today and post one of my latest creations. I altered this white board using these adorable houses(again.....yes I have a house fettish happening!)by COLLECTIONS ELEMENTS.

I want to share this layout with you......BECAUSE HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE........

Bit lovey dovey isn't it!!!!! AWHH!!

Anyway not much else to share right now......til next time........TFL, Ebony xx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to Share....

I have a little bit of time before I need to head off to a prep information night so Ithought I would quickly add some new creations on here.

Firstly I would like to thank all the girls in Portland who attended my class on the weekend. You all did an amazing job of your canvases. Thanks for making me feel welcome! Thanks Sandra for having me!

Here is a little gift I made for our friends' daughter Victoria. She is an amazing girl who has the best repoire with kids love her! This photo was taken at Maya's second birthday where Victoria did an amazing job of entertaining my children and my two nieces. I made here this small canvas as a thankyou gift...I added this photo but i made it so that she could keep changing the photo on it. I hope she liked it!!!

Here is a sneak peek of my layout I did with my first SCRAPAPPLE KIT...... I was so lucky as I received paper and embellishments fromone of my favourite designers Teresa Collins Designs.

If you want to see more head over to the website

Lastly I will leave you with a few recent layouts. Tomorrow I will post a new notes board Ihave just finished...

This is one is of Will at FUN 4 KIDS festival. Loved usingthese Prima papers.

This next one is of my two gorgeous but crazy nieces......( sorry about the scan scanner isn't loving me right now!)

This an older layout that I have done but found it lying in a pile of layouts waiting to be put in albums soIthought I would share it with you.Very simple layout but I like it.

And lastly another older layout I found. Maya much younger.....
Thanks for looking. Until tomorrow....happy scrappin"! Ebony xxx

Monday, February 9, 2009

Layout in this month's ScarpbookCreations....

This is my layout you will see in thismonth's SCRAPBOOK CREATIONS....

This is Will and his mate Jakob dressing up and having a ball posing for the camera!!!

I'll pop back later with a sneak peek of my new layout for SCRAPAPPLE!


Thursday, February 5, 2009


I thought I would share with you my latest project. These are a set of 9 small canvases which I made to hang on my wall.


I am really happy with how these have turned out...and they were good fun to make(messy!!)

Well Will survived his first week at school.He LOVES it...very tired though. Lets see how he goes next week when he goes for a full day!

TFL Ebony xx


I keep forgetting to put my 10 things layout about myself on herewhich I had to do as part of the Dt for Scrapapple......Here it is.If you want to read the journalling you'll have to pop over to the website......

I have a great idea for my first kit but I need to take some photos for it and I'm now thinking that I won't have enough timeto do what I want....stay tuned....

Anyway thanx again for lookin...I would love to hear your comments. It's nice to hear of people reading my blog so leave me a message PLEASE!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It is so hard for me to digest....I have a child at school! Seriously, where do the years go?

Will started school on Tuesday......he was SO excited!!!! He looks so grown up in his uniform and he is so proud when he wears it. He's been wanting toast for breakfast instead of cereal in case he spills somethingon his uniform! Here are some piccies....

He was so funny.....after being at school only one day the next morning we pull up outside school and he says.."see-ya mum..." I can go in by myself..... "I still love ya though!"

Thats so sweet. At least he is feeling confident and happy!!!

Here is my latest layout. Will got his own digi camera for christmas and boy does he love it!! He's always got it out taking photos......I wonder where he gets that from??!!!

He tells everyone to say "Smelly monkeys..." to make them smile. We have some lovely photos of our doors......and our floors....and many unsuspecting victims!!!!