Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 4 Challenge at Paula's...

Almost forgot.......! Here is week 4 challenge for Paula's.

To create a Layout based on this sketch and add something that has been in your stash for over 12 months! Here is my sample...


This weekend was awesome. I spent the weekend scrappin' at the Imagination Factory annual retreat with Michelle.I met one of my all time favourite scrappers Mel Nunn!!! Very exciting. She is awesome and so funny!!Hope to catch up with her more often. Also did the amazing Celeste Vermeed's canvas class which I'm not showing you yet because I want to make two more to go with it!

On Friday nightI worked on what was supposed to be my secret Santa present for the Boxx but am starting to think that I can't part with it!!

I also did these Layouts...

This one is for the sketch on Anna's Craft Cupboard...

This one is for Scapability Sketches...

And I did another one that has been picked up for publication.

thanks for popping by...Ebxx


Just wanted to give you an update on mum's flowers. We have a new color list as some of the other previous colors are no longer available and we have some new ones.....
This is how many you get in a packet....

Here is the list of colors you can order. Each packet is $5.00 and postage is $3.00.

Lipstick pink

Lolly Pink

Jade Green


Pineapple Yellow


Pale Pink

Pale Blue




Lime Green

So there are two ways to order. Either by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at or mum directly at

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Votes start today.....

Hi guys, just popped in to say that the voting started today for the Artypants competition and I would really love your votes....PLEASE!!!! If you wouldn't mind clicking on the artypants "vote for me" blinkie to vote that would be AWESOME!!! Thanks so much.
Will pop back later with some more show and tell! Bye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Look what I got today...a bag of every color of Nellie G Designs buttons!!!!

I couldn't resist tipping them all out to take a photo.Aren't they awesome.I am very proud to say that my best friend Janelle Giblin makes them from scratch!! Ever since she started making them I have been using them heaps so I really needed to stock up so Nellie G delivered them this morning!! Thanks Nellie...MWAH! If you want some you can visit Nellie's blog for more details or you can leave a comment here with me.

While I was lying them all out to take a photo, Maya was sitting helping me......"I like this one.."

Too cute! Then she went and grabbed her camera and pretended to take photos just like mummy!!!!! Love these moments!

Anyway,off to organise the rest of my stuff to take away tomorrow!!!YAH!!!

Thanks for popping by, Eb xxx

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can you scap your pants off???

That is what is happening over at the Artypants site at the moment. This is a six week challenge and this weekis the first week. The criteria this week was "SOMETHING OLD, ( somethingin your stash for at least 12 months), SOMETHING NEW (something fromthe new products section in their shop), SOMETHING BORROWED (borrow a layout from someone else in the gallery) and SOMETHING BLUE (something blue).

So here is my layout....

I love using My Little Shoeboxx papers. I also used some old Heidi Swapp alphas and I borrowed the layout from Andrea who I actually don't know, but thanks Andrea, loved the design.

Anyway, I would love your votes so if you would be so kind as too vote for me you can click on the artypants scrap your pants off blinkie and follow the prompts to cast your vote!!! The voting starts on Monday!Thanks so much. Please leave a comment in the comments section if you do so I can thank you!

Anyway, off to pack for the weekend. Nellie G has made me a bag of each of her buttons so I will definately takingthose!!! Thanks Nellie. You can check out Nellies blog here.

Thanks for stopping by, Eb xx

Monday, October 19, 2009


Just thougt I would post my latest layouts that I have done for Scrapapple this month. I received a generous amount of Fancy Pants "Little Sprout" Range and I created 3 Layouts with the range. The girls at Scrapapple wanted to showcase the versatility of the paper range so I didn't add too many embellies to it...only flowers (mainly MUMS CROCHET FLOWERS!!!).

So here are my Layouts.....

"BABY JACK......"



Will is feeling a little better....very emotional though! Cries at anything! Hoping he will be fine this weekend ad I am away at Imagination factory Retreat. Very exciting!!! Have started to pack but not as organised as I would like to be. I am doing a canvas class there so that will take some of the time. Also want to finish off my secret Santa present swap at the BOXX.

Anyhow, hoping to scrap today as I have entered the Scrap your pants of challenge at Artypants and I want to get it done before I start packing more stuff. This week;s challenge is Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed Something Blue. tellyou more about it when Ipost my layout.

Almost forgot......Here is week 3 challenge at Paula's Scrapbooking Place...

To create a layout with the following..

A circular element, at least one decorative edge, handstitching, and two photos.

Here is my sample...

Thanks for popping by..... Ebony xx

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mum has decided to make up some bags of her cute little crochet flowers to sell and we have called them "MUM'S CROCHET FLOWERS".

So here is what you will get if you order them. This is an example of lipstick pink flowers and you receive all these in the bag for $5.00 plus postage! ( $3.00)

Here is a little sample of the colors you can order and some ideas of what they look like joined together with brads. You could do whatever you like with them,I also like layering the little round centres to make lollipop style flowers!!!

So if you are interested and what to place an order you can do so here just by leaving a comment.Atthe moment mum will just making the bags up as people order them so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Payment can be made by money order.

Here are the colors she has made at the moment(there will be more colors soon!)

Lipstick pink, orange, lemon, pineapple yellow, pale blue, red, white, limegreen,lolly pink, pale pink, teal blue.

Isn't she clever!!! Proud of you mum!!

Thanks for popping by!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My brave Boy...

Will was SO Brave yesterday...he had his tonsils out. He had to wait all day until 4:30 to have his turn while the other kids had theirs taken out! He had a little girl beside him who was the same age as Maya and he took care of her even during the night!!!He is so sweet and I am so proud of him!

He had to stay overnight because he was done so late in the day and he didn;t want me to stay with him. When I went back this morning he wasn't as bright and bubbly as he was when he first came back from theatre. His throat is very sore and has been asleep most of the day since we got home.Poor little man.

Maya's head healed pretty quickly and she is as crazy as ever and right now is supposed tobe having a sleep but has decided she doesn't need one today!

Well I got a couple of exciting emails yesterday both from Scrapbooking memories magazine. The first was to say I had made the shortlist (not so short though!!) for the masters this year. Woohoo!!! Now to be nervous until Decemember!!! Not expecting to go any further looking at the other very talented ladies on the list!But proud to get where I am!

Also got asked to do another Product Challenge feature as I have done before so that was very exciting! I can't wait to get the goodies!!
Anyway nothing to show today. Haven't had any time to scrap so thanks for popping by. Thanks to those who have been leaving lovely comments!! Ebxx

Monday, October 12, 2009

One of those days....

Today has started out terrible. Had to keepWill home for a few hours this morning because he couldn't go swimming with his class because he is having his tonsils out tomorrow so was just about to take him to school at about 11:30 and then I heard Maya start screaming. She was in my scrap room and had fallen backwards off my chair and fell back onto the corner of an open draw. She had blood everywhere!!!! After I stopped the bleeding I had to put her in the shower just so I could wash some blood away to see her cut. It was a little puncture mark. It stopped bleeding pretty quick but I had called mum because once Will saw the blood he was panicing hysterically and i initially though I wouldhave to take her to hospital.. We didn't take her to emergencyinthe end because it ended up not being that deep and I don't think they could have done anything to it anyway. Just have to keep an eye on her.Poor little thing it would have really hurt.

Anyway.....I think I have talked mum into making some bags of flowers to sell!!! She has no idea how much to charge or anything but she has headed off home to try out some differnt cottons and wool. So if you are interested just leave me a message so I can give her an idea of how many she would need tomake. If she uses cotton its a little more expensive because it takes more cotton than wool to make. But the wool can be a little bulky. Baby wool doesn't have a enough variety of colors.

Here a two more layouts I have just completed for the cyber crop that was on last weekend at Artypants.

The first was to scraplift a LO done by their DT gal Kerry. Here is my version.....

We also had to incorporate the words to a song. I used the words from a BARNEY show that Maya always sings. She says "WUV" instead of "LOVE" although shesays love quite well any other time. Just adds to the character of the song!!!

The next one was a Recipe Challenge...

At least 4pp,aribbon,rubbons,a heart and at least one flower. Here is my layout....

This is a photo of our friend's daughter Victoria (Toria as Maya calls her). She is a beautiful girl who is amazing with children. Here at Maya's last birthday she played with all the kids the whole time. Mwah to you Victoria!!!

Welloff to play with some new Fancy pants papers that Scrapapple have sent me for this month. They are too cute!!! Ill post what I create soon!!

Thanks for popping by, Ebony xxxx

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I just set the second challenge at Paula's so here it is......

Use the colors RED,AQUA and YELLOW on a layout here is my sample.....

Love these photos of these two......we took them while on holidays in Merimbula. They love playing with each other at the moment. They are such good mates. ! These papers were perfect for this challenge. They are Cosmo Cricket early Bird if youwere interested. I also used some of mum's flowers in it too! Don't they look awesome!!?

I have also been making some flowers from old patterns for a flower swap atthe Boxx. Here is what I have made....

I also have done one of the two sketches for Scrapability Sketches. These photos were also takenwhileon holidays. I used mum's crochet flowers too!!!Well, Will has turned 6! We celebrated last week with a party at the cricket center!He had the best time and he got so much LEGO which he was extremely happy about.

He now has to go into hospital on Wednesday to have his tonsils takenout. Not really looking forward to that but we have been on the waiting list for nearlly 12 months.

Anyway, next post will be full of photos of mynew little christmas book I have just finished to teach at BLISS so until next time, Happy Scrappin'!

Eb xx

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week one sample LO....

Today is the start of our 6 week challenge over at Paulas scrapbooking place. So here is my first challenge.......

To create a sinle layout using at least three photos. Thought Id keep it nice and easy for the first week. Here is my sample layout.

If you want to join in sign up here....

Thanks again, Eb

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Latest Layout for LSS Bliss....and Exciting News!

SoI have been creating heaps of LOs lately but most of them are for our 6 week challenge at Paulas Scrapbooking site. They are all samples for each challenge.There is still time to sign up if you are interested. I will be setting the first challenge on Monday.

But here is one I can show you. It is for our LSS Bliss. I will be teaching this on November 12th. So if you're a local and you want to do make this LO head into see Sarah at Bliss.

Well nothing else to show right now.Check out Paula's on Monday for my first samplE!

But I can now tell you this.......I am now a member of the SCRAPABILITY SKETCHES design team. Rebekkah asked me a little while ago to join the team and I am very excited to accept! So if you love doing sketches and challenges (I know I do...loving them at the moment!) head over to the site to sign up and see Beks FANTASTIC sketches!!!I am off to start my sample for one of the two October Sketches. I will be back to post them when I finish!

Tomorrow is Will's birthday party. We have invited 18 of his friends to a party at the indoor cricket centre!!! Im sure HE will have fun...we will be exhausted after it!

Thanks for popping by....Eb xx