Monday, December 8, 2008

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I love everything about it! So do my children. We have been colouring in christmas pictures, watching christmas movies......such a great time of year, don't you think? Hectic and expensive but so worth it!

We bought a new christmas tree this year and new decs and I must say it looks fantastic........

I have just finished making these christmas presents for Will's kinder teachers.I made these calendars and diaries. I am really happy with the way they have turned out....

These were quick and great fun to do.I will have to make myself one I think. The great thing is that they can adhere their own photo onto it and if they use blu tac or repositional adhesive they can changetheir photos reguarly.I hope they like them.
I am off to pack some stuff now as this weekend I am off on a weekend retreat with some of my girlfriends.....I cant wait.I plan to work on 12x12 layouts this weekend as last weekend away I worked on mini albums. It is hard working out everything I need when doing layouts.I can't make up little kits for myself as I am always changing my mind. I have to everything with me just in case I need it!! But this weekend should be great fun and hopefully productive!! I'll post my creations when I return.
I also have exciting news to share but Iwill have to findout more details before I let you in on It, but I am very excited about it!!!