Friday, July 27, 2012

Just made it!

So i managed to get another couple of layouts created for some more challenges! Phew...just scraping it in!
I might have had more done too but my mojo kinda went awol yesterday!

So this layout is based on this months sketch at "Once upon a sketch". The theme was also "Friends".
So I didn't need to think too hard about which photo to use. I know I have scrapped about Marelle before but I am truely blessed to have this woman as my friend. As my layout says she always goes above and beyond to help me out and just be there as a friend. She exceeds all expectations I have in friendship.

And I also completed a layout for this months sketch challenge at "Scrapbooking from scratch".
I haven't really scrapped many Christmas photos from last year so I thought I would take the opportunity and I really am not into using traditional colours and embellishments so this is what I did................
( and I was told I have the wrong date!!! Yep I do!!! thanks Lauren! I have since changed it!!)

Well I think that's all I will get done for this month!!! But I have organised a scrap weekend next weekend in Port Fairy and I have 9 scrappy friends coming to scrap for the weekend!!!! Yahoo!!!!!! I have so many friends I have aquired through this craft and I love when we can catch up!!!So my plan is to work through the various August challenges!
Thanks for popping by, Eb xxx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

White with....well lots of colors!!!!

I loved the "White with one" challenge this month, although its not really white with one LOL! The challenge:
                                          WHITE+ POLKA DOTS+TAPE!!!!
                                                          Yep right up my alley!!!!
                                                              So here is my entry!

Well off to see if I can cram another layout in!!!!! Thanks for stopping by , Eb xx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time to post...

Do you ever get close to the end of the month and realise you had been busy creating various layouts for different challenges but you haven't posted them on your blog yet!???/ Well I tend to do this a lot! So here are some layouts for various challenges this month!!!!!

This first one was meant to be for" Scrap the boys!". BUT after re reading the challenge criteria it says SCHOOL PHOTOS of your child there!!! So not sure it qualifies but Ill pop it in and see. This is his first day of Grade 3 this year! He looks happy and excited which really depicts Will's attitude really well. Hes so happy go lucky and my cruiser! Goes along with everything without dramas and he tries hard and does well at everything he attempts.
Will's first day in Grade 3........

                  Next is a layout based on the July 15th Sketch over at STUCK! sketches! 

Maya and Mackenzies toes!!!!

This one is using a quote which is part of a challenge at "SCRAPBOOKING FROM SCRATCH".
                                   "Cherish Yesterday,
                                         Dream Tomorrow,
                                             Live like crazy"........

Will and Maya at Cudgee Wildlife park January 31 2012

And this one is a challenge I haven't done for a long time, "Kraft it up".
The challenge was certainly a challenge for me because a) I rarely use Kraft any more and b) I rarely scrap myself!!!!

So this challenge was to include a bucket list or tells a story about something you want to do in the future.
Lately I have seem to have lost my confidence in so many aspects of my life. I beat myself up about things I should do but don't and stress about things I am doing that I shouldn't. 
I am at a place in my life where soon I will have both children at school. I have started thinking about what I want to do for myself but what will be the best for my family. As all mum's would know its hard to juggle work and home life . I have a very supportive husband who continually encourages me to do what i want and there is no hurry but I feel I need to do something. I am wanting to go and finish some study and re enter the work force in kindergartens. But  I have lost all confidence in my ability to study and enter a workplace. So that's what I want to work on. 
Very arty and grungey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a bit carried away!!!!

I also completed this one. It started out as a layout for the "Scrap the Girls" challenge" with my aim being lime green , black and white.....but I couldn't make it work so I added a few more colours!!!!!!! But I did use the very cool embellishments from Charms Creations!!!!!!!!

PRICELESS!!! Check out Will's face!!!!!!!

Ok thats all for now. I have an hour to myself so might try and scrap!!!! Thanks for popping by, Eb xx

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Show us your stuff and other challenges!

Hi! i am in charge of the "Show us your stuff" blog at the moment while my gorgeous best friend Marelle is living her dream to visit CHA in America! She flew out yesterday and I miss her already!!! I am so blessed to have this woman as my friend . I hope she has the time of her life!!!
So onto this months challenge....
The challenge this month is to be inspired in any which way from this photo!

Take your inspiration from this fabulous paper typewriter!!  Jennifer Collier is an amazing paper artist!

So here is my layout!!! I was inspired by the circles (surprise, surprise!!) , the alphabet and the colours!!! 
 I used up some old Heidi Swapp alphas while creating this layout about Maya's love of reading! It was a warm day so we were stuck inside playing. I found her surrounded in teddies reading stories to them! And let me tell you she makes up some amazing, detailed stories!!! I love listening to her pretend to read!!!

I of course have used some of my all time favorite spotty buttons from Lil Red Rocket and a cool accordion paper flower for my handmade items! Just a little reminder to make sure you include a handmade embellishment ( made by you or some one else) as we have been finding some entries are missing this key element!

I also had a go at doing the sketch over on Anna's craft cupboard this month!!!
I decided to use only one photo though!

This is a layout of Maya with Lucy and Lily Goulding ! They had not met until we visited Queensland last year! Gotta love how kids just get along right from the get go!!!

Well I have created some more layouts too but will share next time! 
Thanks for popping by,
Eb xxxx

Monday, July 9, 2012


Well kind of!! LOL! Kids are happily playing after having two weeks of sickness.
Well mainly Maya but poor Will ended up sick on these holidays too.
Maya began over two weeks ago just becoming increasingly tired and moody and then kind of fluey.
She then began vomitting and there appeared a violent rash all over her bottom which spread fast. So we went to our local GP who sent us to ED to see a pediatrician who diagnosed her rash as a strep infection.
Her vomitting and diarohea was part of a virus she had in her bowel which then Will managed to get too......oh the joys! So it has been a VERY long and dreary two weeks in my house.
So I haven't had a lot of free time so to speak to blog.
So amongst this you might not have known that I am now apart of the 123 Challenge team!!!
So here is a layout for you!!!!

This month the challenge at first scared me!!! Why???? Because I HATE the color purple!!! And this month the 3 criteria are:

                                                         COLOUR: PURPLE
                              TECHNIQUE: USE CHEVRON
                                           WORD:  MY

So after I sat down and found the little amount of purple product I had I began to create!!! I love Chevron so that was easy and as I started I began to love my layout!!!! See sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone!
So here is my layout!!!!

                                               "My Moogie Bear"... ( one of Maya's nicknames!)
                                     I loved the combination of aqua , purple and yellow!!!!
                                             So now it's your turn!!!!! enjoy!!!!

I have managed to scrap a couple of other layouts last night!! But I can't share just yet!
So thanks for popping by,
Eb xxx