Saturday, October 20, 2012


At a retreat I organised last month I managed a few "just because" layouts! You know the ones you can do that don't need to follow any criteria or meet any deadlines! So here are some more layouts to share with you                                        
                                                  WARNING! LAYOUT OVERLOAD!!!!!

                                 This layout was inspired by this layout I found on pinterest.
                                                 It was created by Dina Wakley

                                                               Here is mine.....
                                             I just loved the misting on the manilla tags!
                                          This is Will and his friends heading off on school camp!
 We recently were able to go and visit where my husband works and have a look around. This is Will sitting           in for daddy at the control panel!
                     I have already scrapped this photo but I did again. Maya and her friend Stella.
 This one isn't the clearest or best photo but it is of Will holding his first letter from his first pen pal Lachlan!

 This photo was taken on an autumn day in our front yard. Gotta love gumboot days!
                                                      Just another layout of my lil fish!!!

 Ever since Maya was young she would love to listen to people read or tell her a story. So here she is enjoying a story with Nan.

Sorry about the overload!! Just wanted to get them on here!!!! Thanks for popping in!
Eb xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twice in one day!

I know! Don't fall over! I am back posting twice in one day!! You see I decided to edit the rest of my layouts so I could start uploading them so because I am guilty of completing pages for challenges and then not submitting them I decided to share some more challenge pages!!

                                         So here is my entry for "White with one" this month.



This one I had fun with. I replicated my circle and mists design from my Stuck! layout that I showed you earlier. It is for " Kraft it up".

October at Kraft It Up is MISTING month, your challenge is to create a layout on Kraft cardstock or Kraft patterned paper showcasing some great techniques/looks with mists.

These photos are all of Will and Maya with their cousins taken on Father's day this year. 

And lastly today ( I promise!!) is my entry for the second sketch at "Stuck!" this month.

                 Don't you just love this little butterfly button!? Of course  it is a Lil Red Rocket one!!!

So I still have more to show you from my recent retreat but I will save them for another time, maybe tomorrow :)!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Eb xxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

About time....

Hi! I'm sorry I have been MIA lately! I can't seem to focus on anything at the moment, my mind is all over the place! I am trying get my head around a new diet I have been put on called a low FODMAP diet which basically includes cutting out gluten and diary ....and nearly everything else I love to eat :( Really struggling with it but If I want to feel better I guess I have to try.

I have scrapped a lot of pages however as as I mentioned I organised a retreat recently and I can't believe I haven't shared those yet . So I will begin now and share just a few!!!

This first layout is based on the sketch on Anna's craft cupboard this month.

This is also inspired by a sketch! I say inspired as I (as always) kind of went off on my own creative way!!!
                                                 This is the first October sketch at Stuck!

Once again playing with mists and circles!! Mmmmmm, I think I may have an addiction !!!

I will share one more challenge layout! This time my layout for the challenge at "Scrap the Girls" this month., which is a recipe challenge.


So here is my layout of Maya and her best kinder friend Stella! I have to be honest and say I don't use flowers very often so I opted to use lot's of different flower rub on images as my flowers!

                                                  And this one is a just because!!!
                         I took this photo of Maya playing in her gumboots one autumn day!
I will be back very soon to share some more. Thank you again for your kind, encouraging comments. I really appreciate them and I am trying to visit blogs as well!!!
Eb xx

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Circles!!!! Yes please!

Ok, so you are not going to believe me when I tell you this but I have never cut my photos into circles!! NEVER!!! Well until last week !!! That is because this months challenge at "Show us your stuff" is a sketch designed by Leonie!!!!

                                                        And I actually enjoyed it!!!!!
                          I mean I LOVE circles anyway so I found this sketch SO much fun!!!!!

                         Head over and check out the other girls samples too. AMAZING stuff!!!!!


I must admit I LOVE using the colour yellow on my layouts!!! So when i found out that this months 123 challenge was to use School bus yellow I was pretty happy!!!

The other ingredients this month are:
                                                    SCHOOL BUS YELLOW
                                                          PAPER STRIPS
                                                        THE WORD MISS

This challenge suits my style well so I actually created two samples!!!

This one is obviously about Maya. I called it Little Miss Sunshine but my journalling reads " but beware, Can turn into Little Miss thunderstorm in seconds".
I created this layout a few months ago when Maya's behaviour was testing me big time. She could be so good and sweet but then SO nasty and moody! I was at my wits end! But thankfully the last month she has changed extremely. She is better behaved, easier to reason with, helpful, polite.....just hope it lasts!


This is one is of Will. He is such a smart child. He seems to just absorb everything and find everything so easy. He is easy going, polite, caring and I am so proud of his achievements.

So I hope you head over and tackle this challenge! Its so fun and open to interpretation! Have fun!
Eb xxx