Thursday, September 24, 2009


How clever is my mum!!??? I asked here if she knew how to make crochet flowers and she sat and sat, and workedit out. She has made them in allsorts of shapes, colors and sizes!! Can't wait to use them. I told her she should go into business and start selling them!!! So if you want some you'll have to hassle her!!!!

Good luck for tomorrow MUM.....go SAINTS!!!

Did I tell you that I am in LOVE!!!......with Shannon Noll that is!!!! He was awesome in concert and even hotter in real life!!! He held my hand......I didn't want to wash it!!!!

Anyway...back to reality,here is my most recent LO I did for a challenge on the Boxx set by Mardi to use the colors red, pink and yellow on a LO. I have had these papers in my stash for so long now and they were perfect! It was great to use them.

So have you signed up at Paula's site yet....whynot. You have a week to sign up for our 6 week challenge!!!!

Thanks again for popping by.....Eb xx


Janelle Giblin said...

Love love the flowers especially after I've seen them up close!! can't wait to see what you come up with:)

kerry snell said...

The flowers look gorgeous!!

Stacey said...

The flowers your mum made are gorgeous. If she happens to find a few spare - I'll buy them!

Louisa said...

Your mums crocheted flowers are gorgeous!!! She really needs to be selling them, cause we all want some!!