Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Supporting the QLD floods

Supporting the QLD Floods..... you too can help!!!

If you are like me you are watching and reading the updates of the disaster unfolding in QLD and feeling completely helpless.

You too can help and give these people a little piece of YOU....
A wonderful lady Sharryn Thompson has created a blog to give 'crafters' a chance to help
Create a scrap page to donate to a scrapper who has lots everything.... or if you sew or knit you can also send your work to Sharryn and she will pass this on to those who need and will definately
appriciate your gift of love....

Click on the photo above to be linked to  Sharryn's details
Eb xx

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Karen Shady said...

I think this is such a fabulous idea... way to go Sharryn .... our town flooded, people have lost their homes, and the devastion is huge, BUT it was NOTHING like what they are experiencing in QLD...thanks Eb x