Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scappy Weekends....

I am going to be organising some scrappy weekends down in my end of the world this year!!! I have access to an AMAZING house , built by my very talented uncle!!! Check it out here. It sleeps 10 people (some sharing required!) It has ample room to scrap,ultra modern facilities and really close to the beach which would be great for some photo shoots!!!
The price varies according to time of the year and also depending on how many are staying . But as an estimate it would be between $100 -$150 for two nights accomodation.
As for meals and snacks I thought we could all just bring stuff to share and or maybe get pizzas or something the second night!
Sound cool or what!!!?????? If youre are interested you can email at
The first date Im thinking is April 15th and then maybe another one is September.So Ill keep you informed as we go. I already have a list of interested people.So get in quick!!!

Also if you think you and a group of friend s would like to rent this house at another time I can honestly say its awesome for a group of crafty friends! Soif you are scrap group or a business you can email me as well and I can make you a booking!!!
Eb xx

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Jules said...

aaww... so green eb! would love to make a weekend of it, but can't sneak away for it unfortunately... i'm sure you will all have an amazing time... :) x