Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A quick plug...

I don't often plug businesses or products but I found these and I thought I would share them with you. I love tapes etc so when i discovered these little goodies i fell in love. They are little packets of masking stickers. You peel off the strips and circles...:).......and use them like tape or patterned paper. Even better you can  easily create banners and little flags with them!!!!! SO cute...a must have.
 And then theres these gorgeous rolls of fabric tape!!!!!!!! Had to have these too!!!!!!
You can find them here at Myrtle and Grace. Such beautiful clothes and so many other to die for bits and pieces. Check it out!!!!

Also I have been thinking that I would love to start teaching some classes from home. Would love to hear if you and your friends would be interested.......
Thanks for popping by, Eb xxx


Blossom inch said...

I love those tapes...gorgeous!

Jules said...

omgoodness eb, where have i been?!! I've just updated myself on all of your loveliness. :) Wow, i just adore your style... love everything about it!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! xx

Rebekkah said...

Hey Eb
Great post..
those tapes are so cute !
Hope youre well.
Yep i'd do a class !
Bek xx

--- said...

Thanks for the little shout out Ebony. Glad to hear you are enjoying your goodies. Was great to FINALLY meet up with you properly at class last week. xxRach... AKA Myrtle & Grace