Sunday, November 13, 2011

Need some advice/thoughts/tips please!!!!

I am thinking of purchasing a new camera .....a Canon 7D.I currently have a 400D which Ive had for years and love it but feel its time to upgrade! Anyone have any advice thoughts etc. I am also going to buy a 70mm-200mm lense (I can only afford the cheaper one!!!). But I would love any feedback you can give me!!!
We are looking at this site to purchase...."techrific".   Has anyone else used this site before??
Thanks, Eb xx


Alanna said...

Ohh good choice! Boyfriend and I just bought a Canon 60D which is our first DSLR and loving it so far :)

I get all my tips and advice from Tiff who I know from the Scrap Therapy forum. She has tutorials there frequently so it's worth checking out.

Her blog:

We eneded up buying a twin lens kit from ebay after a bit of shopping round. Tiff did suggest the below site and their prices are quite reasonable. We ended up finding the camera we wanted with free postage on ebay though so that's what we went with.

Here's the link to the ebay store we purchased from:

The camera came from Hong Kong but arrived in about 5 working days, and we were given a tracking number.

We also bought some UV and CPL filters, camera bag etc etc from various other ebay sellers, all with free postage out of Hong Kong/China.

We had a decent budget because it was the two of us buying it and we'd just got decent tax returns back. We ended up spending about $1300 all up I think.

We had the 7D on our wishlist originally, but went with the 60D. It's our first DSLR so didn't need a fancy one like the 7D.

Hope this helps you a little. If there's anything else I can possibly help with, feel free to stop by my blog :)

Alanna said...

Oh and that site I mentioned... it has Aussie warranty and a Australian phone number if you need help or anything.

donna said...

Sorry cant help you there... I'm a Nikon girl ;) but I have a 18-200 lens which I love! I like that you don't have change lenses all the time... No chance of getting them dirty on the inside.

Chantelle said...

I'm not familiar with the Canon - I have purchased from Top buys and they are really good with their prices - I've bought extra lenses from this place and they worked out much cheaper. They are in Aust. too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eb,
i purchase all my camera gear from cameras direct on the gold coast, they have and online store and i have found them to be really really good to deal with!

Kathleen Blommestein said...

Used to own a Canon too - it was great! But when it got broken
( kids)I upgraded for an olympus which I wouldn't do again and just last week bought a Nikon d5100!!!
I LOVE IT!!! So easy to use and oalso on special at the moment. I got mine from $1500 to $1250 .