Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have been a few enquiries about mum's crochet flowers so I thought I would add another post about them. Yes you can still order them. They are $5.00 per bag which has 7 pieces in it. (plus postage) They come in a huge variety of colors including:
Red, White, Black. Hot Pink, Lolly Pink, Chocolate Brown, Orange, Lemon, Yellow, Navy Blue, Denim Blue, Lime green, pale blue and sold out at the moment is Jade and Pale pink but you never know we may convince her to make these colors again!! So to order you can leave me a message here or you can email me BUT will be getting a new email address this week so Ill have to update you with that when it happens.


amanda73 said...

wow, definitely will order some of these eb, gorgeous

Jacque said...

Hey Ebs I would reeeeally love some white and some lemon ones please :)
Just PM me @ Scrapapple

Sara said...

Hello, would love to order some of these. Can you please email me at

Penny said...

Hi Ebony.
We scraplifted you over at Scrapawhile the other week - you are my fave SM this year!
I would love some of these flowers if there's any left.