Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Look what I got today...a bag of every color of Nellie G Designs buttons!!!!

I couldn't resist tipping them all out to take a photo.Aren't they awesome.I am very proud to say that my best friend Janelle Giblin makes them from scratch!! Ever since she started making them I have been using them heaps so I really needed to stock up so Nellie G delivered them this morning!! Thanks Nellie...MWAH! If you want some you can visit Nellie's blog for more details or you can leave a comment here with me.

While I was lying them all out to take a photo, Maya was sitting helping me......"I like this one.."

Too cute! Then she went and grabbed her camera and pretended to take photos just like mummy!!!!! Love these moments!

Anyway,off to organise the rest of my stuff to take away tomorrow!!!YAH!!!

Thanks for popping by, Eb xxx


Janelle Giblin said...

Thanks for the promote!!!!!:) Maya looks too cute! There's a page in that:) Dont the buttons look awsome layed out like that, even if I do say so myself!! Thanks heaps Kisses Nellie G. XX

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Loving those buttons - think I'm going to have to join you and get some for myself. Too yummy for words!!!

Tracy said...

Oooo I love all your buttons ;)

God luck in the Scrap you Pants Off Challenge :)

belinda said...

Hi Ebony, oh those buttons look great and Maya oh so cute with the camera!

Kristy (willow) said...

Wow!!! Fantastic buttons. I want some!

sharon said...

Do love to use buttons on LOs so i am very envious of your stash here!!!