Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mum has decided to make up some bags of her cute little crochet flowers to sell and we have called them "MUM'S CROCHET FLOWERS".

So here is what you will get if you order them. This is an example of lipstick pink flowers and you receive all these in the bag for $5.00 plus postage! ( $3.00)

Here is a little sample of the colors you can order and some ideas of what they look like joined together with brads. You could do whatever you like with them,I also like layering the little round centres to make lollipop style flowers!!!

So if you are interested and what to place an order you can do so here just by leaving a comment.Atthe moment mum will just making the bags up as people order them so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Payment can be made by money order.

Here are the colors she has made at the moment(there will be more colors soon!)

Lipstick pink, orange, lemon, pineapple yellow, pale blue, red, white, limegreen,lolly pink, pale pink, teal blue.

Isn't she clever!!! Proud of you mum!!

Thanks for popping by!


Stacey said...

I will take one bag of each of the colours listed. (i.e. Lipstick pink, orange, lemon, pineapple yellow, pale blue, red, white,limegreen, pale orange,pale pink, teal blue)

I'm a bit of a collector - I can't just pick a few colours because I know I'll be sitting down to use them and I'll starting saying to myself "Oh, I really should've bought that other colour, it would look great here). Easier to get them all!
Let me know how much the postage will be & where to send the money order to.


kerry said...

I would love the red, lemon, orange and limegreen. Just let me know when ready and i will pick them up.
They look really great, your mum is very clever!!!

Tanstar said...

Yahhh for your mum ebs, can I please order, orange lippy pink limegreen and teal blue, for starters... can you please bring to retreat, can fix u up (for ya ma) then. xx

Debbie Lawrence said...

Hi Ebony, would love a bag of each colour as well, except for the apricot colour (bottom left hand corner of the photo). Sorry not sure what colour that is.

You can contact me through my blog or email

Thanks heaps.

Debbie Lawrence said...

Thanks Ebony, I shall have one of each packet including the black then. Can you let me know how much they are and I shall organise payment. I'll send you a pm with my contact details on the Boxx