Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and a Tutorial...

Happy New Year!!
I can't believe that we are in yet another year! I must admit I was happy to see the back of 2014! It had some awesome moments but some very low moments too!
I feel like it has been forever since I actually had time to sit and blog and maybe even create !
Last year this poor little blog was so neglected with me working every day and huge sporting commitments with the children. I don't think I have been the best member of any of my design teams either :( but it certainly isn't because I am not interested, just been a busy year!

Our house is at plastering stage yah!!! I will post some pics soon!
But today I want to share with you my latest layout for 7 Dots which also has a tutorial with it if you head over to their blog!

Lot's of 7 Dots products mixed with some watercolours and some Flutterby Designs veneers!.

See you again soon! Off to do some arty stuff!!


Lauren Hender said...

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love!!!

Mumma Magoo said...

I love your style. I am going to check out the tutorial and pick up some pointers. Thanks Eb!

Mel said...

Beautiful layout, I am hearing you about 2014, glad we have a new beginning in 2015.