Saturday, April 27, 2013

A few shares

Hi I'm back!! Boy how do people do this work thing and still have time to have a life, scrap, blog.....oh my gosh! it's tough!!!

I honestly think my poor little blog is going to be the first to suffer until I get into the swing of life at the moment so please forgive me for few and far between posts and posts that will probably be photo heavy!

These layouts I have created using this months "A piece of cake design" kits. I know I say this every month but I really LOVED this kit! I sat and did 4 layouts in one sitting and still have more yummy things left over to create more! I won't go into huge detail here about each layout and the products used as you can read it here.
So I must warn you these are all very bright, arty, messy , fun layouts!!
                So this one ..............  "Happy feet"

LOVE these new release cherry flairs!

And this one is of Will's 9th Birthday! We took some of his friends to play Mini golf followed by a swim at the local pool!

                              Remember to click on the link to see details of the products used :)
                    Here is a sneak peek of one of my latest creations for "Bella Blvd"!!!

                                         And this is also a "Bella Blvd " layout...

 And lastly ( sorry very quick post today!) a layout I created for a challenge over on the Cocoa daisy site!
We had to be inspired by this talented lady.....Denise Morrison.
I love her work as I find it similar to mine!

 Well until next time....Eb xxx


Maria said...

Great pages!!! :)

Gail L said...

Wow Ebony! These are so awesome and fun and mind-blowing to a paper scrapper like me! So talented! Good luck with finding your balance . . . I'll still be keeping an eye on your blog! xxx

Lizzy Hill said...

Explosions of colour...totally delicious...& IKWYM re: working makes it HARD....I'm sure you'll manage:):)

Kim Price said...

You're amazing Eb. Even when you're pushed for time you are brilliant. ""very bright, arty, messy , fun layouts!!???"" So love it

Miae said...

I wish I could make 4 pages in one sitting! These are amazing bursts of energy and color...totally inspirational!

Denise said...

thanks so much Ebony. I love your work and am so glad I found your blog thanks to Sharmaine. You are an incredible artist!