Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I must admit I LOVE using the colour yellow on my layouts!!! So when i found out that this months 123 challenge was to use School bus yellow I was pretty happy!!!

The other ingredients this month are:
                                                    SCHOOL BUS YELLOW
                                                          PAPER STRIPS
                                                        THE WORD MISS

This challenge suits my style well so I actually created two samples!!!

This one is obviously about Maya. I called it Little Miss Sunshine but my journalling reads " but beware, Can turn into Little Miss thunderstorm in seconds".
I created this layout a few months ago when Maya's behaviour was testing me big time. She could be so good and sweet but then SO nasty and moody! I was at my wits end! But thankfully the last month she has changed extremely. She is better behaved, easier to reason with, helpful, polite.....just hope it lasts!


This is one is of Will. He is such a smart child. He seems to just absorb everything and find everything so easy. He is easy going, polite, caring and I am so proud of his achievements.

So I hope you head over and tackle this challenge! Its so fun and open to interpretation! Have fun!
Eb xxx


Jasmine S said...

Yellow is the colour of the day. Loving the brights and so happy to hear Miss M is being "nice" again. It will last. She was just testing the water....and probably will again at
Gorgeous trail of butterflies. My faves.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

These are fantastic! Loving all the butterflies! :D

Melisa Waldorf said...

Hello. I was just hopping through some SB challenge blogs for inspiration and LOVED your page over at 123. Thanks for the inspiration!!