Monday, July 9, 2012


Well kind of!! LOL! Kids are happily playing after having two weeks of sickness.
Well mainly Maya but poor Will ended up sick on these holidays too.
Maya began over two weeks ago just becoming increasingly tired and moody and then kind of fluey.
She then began vomitting and there appeared a violent rash all over her bottom which spread fast. So we went to our local GP who sent us to ED to see a pediatrician who diagnosed her rash as a strep infection.
Her vomitting and diarohea was part of a virus she had in her bowel which then Will managed to get too......oh the joys! So it has been a VERY long and dreary two weeks in my house.
So I haven't had a lot of free time so to speak to blog.
So amongst this you might not have known that I am now apart of the 123 Challenge team!!!
So here is a layout for you!!!!

This month the challenge at first scared me!!! Why???? Because I HATE the color purple!!! And this month the 3 criteria are:

                                                         COLOUR: PURPLE
                              TECHNIQUE: USE CHEVRON
                                           WORD:  MY

So after I sat down and found the little amount of purple product I had I began to create!!! I love Chevron so that was easy and as I started I began to love my layout!!!! See sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone!
So here is my layout!!!!

                                               "My Moogie Bear"... ( one of Maya's nicknames!)
                                     I loved the combination of aqua , purple and yellow!!!!
                                             So now it's your turn!!!!! enjoy!!!!

I have managed to scrap a couple of other layouts last night!! But I can't share just yet!
So thanks for popping by,
Eb xxx


Monica said...

Oh no, the your poor little chooks. My youngest is constantly sick - she picks everything up so I feel you hun.
Absolutely loving this layout. It's so arty and beautiful!

Sandra said...

Not a good holiday break for all of you, I do hope everyone is getting well again. Your layout is lovely and now I'm going to take a peek at that challenge site.

Lauren said...

You're right, that aqua/purple/yellow combo looks amazing. Good to hear the kids are starting to get better.

Lizzyc said...

Oh you poor things, I hope all the household is doing much better now.. that would have been awful for you all... your layout is fabulous.. I love the hint of purple and the other colors really compliment each other... love this.. and I have done this challenge too!

Heather McMahon said...

Wow Eb, I so don't envy you spending the hols with 2 very sick kids! Not a lot of fun! Hope they're better soon.
I took notice when you mentioned the colour purple. I happen to have scrapped 2 layouts recently with purple on them after hardly ever doing one before. I love them both!

Mel Nunn said...

Oh my goodness you poor thing! I hope that the kidlets are much better now. Your layout is just divine! Purple scares me too. So much that I couldn't even do the challenge since I have nothing purple!

Hey- could you please do me a favor and update my blog link in your sidebar to my new one?

Ta... Mel xx