Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a few to share..

Just have a few layouts to share this time. This one I did for one of the challenges at the Artypants Cyber Crop last weekend. We had to use these colors and include somemasking. Well my masking didn't turn outhow I wanted it too but just went with it. The layout is all about Will and how his behaviour is like that of a little monster lately. Don't know if its an age thing or because its getting towards the end of the year but he seems to have gained an attitude and lost his manners. He also needs somuch more direction than he usually does. He won't entertain himself at all and therefore bugs everyone especially Maya all the time to be doing something ALL of the time.Anyway hope my old Will returns soon!!!!

This two are based on this months sketches at Scrapability Sketches.Wellother than our TV dying on us on Friday night not much else to report...very quiet at the moment whichI am loving before the hype of chrissy starts. I just agreed to stay on at Scrapapple as their DT next year which is exciting. Thought they may of wanted rid of us but they are happy for us to stay on! YAH!

Anyway have a great day, thanks for popping by.

Eb xxx


neen.... said...

hey Eb ... loving all those vibrant coloured LO's as always!!

Louisa said...

Want to get rid of you??? Never! We love you Gals! xx