Friday, June 26, 2009

Its Official....

Its Official.........I have lost my mojo!! And I really want it back! I am really disliking my work at the moment and really admiring everyone elses...not a good combination for the creative self esteem! So until Iget my mojo back I don't have to much to share. I am still yet to take some photos of some of my layouts and I will do that hopefully over the weekend.

On a happier note Will won a coloring competition this week and won two tickets to the fun 4 kids festival. We were so proud of him!He also brought home his first school report and it was excellent so that is a huge relief.
Anyway, Im off to scrap with Nellie, Sonia and Jacinta....hopefully I might get the creative juices flowing. I have actually just started another Kim Archer class this week and haven't had a chance to do them so if I can get my printer working I might give them a go!
Til next time......OBTW thanks to those who have been leaving me comments....I really do appreciate it!
TFL, Eb xx

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about the MOJO Eb I have the same problem:( I hope it comes back soon, your pages are so yummo!!
I have linked you up on my blog if that is alright, let me know though if you dont want it on there and i can take it off
have a happy weekend
Bridge x