Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It is so hard for me to digest....I have a child at school! Seriously, where do the years go?

Will started school on Tuesday......he was SO excited!!!! He looks so grown up in his uniform and he is so proud when he wears it. He's been wanting toast for breakfast instead of cereal in case he spills somethingon his uniform! Here are some piccies....

He was so funny.....after being at school only one day the next morning we pull up outside school and he says.."see-ya mum..." I can go in by myself..... "I still love ya though!"

Thats so sweet. At least he is feeling confident and happy!!!

Here is my latest layout. Will got his own digi camera for christmas and boy does he love it!! He's always got it out taking photos......I wonder where he gets that from??!!!

He tells everyone to say "Smelly monkeys..." to make them smile. We have some lovely photos of our doors......and our floors....and many unsuspecting victims!!!!

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