Monday, November 17, 2008


I thought that While I am on a roll with my blog that I would share somemore layouts with you.

This one I completed on the weekend at the retreat for the Sketch challenge. I was the lucky winner! It is a layout about Will and Maya's love/ hate minute they are happily playing the's on. This happened in these photos.They were taking it in turns on the slide so I thought Iwould grab my camera.By the time I got back they fighting over whose turn it was !!! I love their facial expressions!! Will loved stirring her....(checkout his face)!

This one is a challenge I have been doing with my good friend and neighbour Di. I had to create a layout based on a sketch using blue, green and yellow. I love these challenges, we have done a few now. I'll post them all tomorrow.

I love this photo of Maya. She is such a GIGGLY GIRL!

This one is of Maya's first time at the beach Photo was taken on our holiday in Hamilton Island.This is just a gorgeous photo of Will....he's growing up so fast!!! He will always be my special boy!

These photo were taken when we took the kids to the Melbourne zoo. After Will had posed for a photo forme sittingon these seal statues Maya was determined she was gong to as well. It was hillarious watching here trying to sit on these seals. She fell off over the head. She slipped off the tail.....and all the while wouldn't let us help her. Eventually she "DID IT HER WAY".....

This layout I completed simply because I loved this range of Kaiser papers and wanted to work with them.....

This photo I love of my kids with their great, great grandmother. It was her birthday and I took them to visit her. It really brightens her day when we visit as she is in a nursing home now. It certainly is a photo to treasure.

Anyway, while my children are resting I might try to finish Maya's book and scan some of my challenge pages to upload tomorrow.TFL

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